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Fixing your problems

There are operational trouble shooting guides in the manual that came with the machine, we provide additional information here and links are supplied below to the manufacturer's website. Please refer to all quides before calling your dealer or the service centre. 99% of problems experienced with the Mosquito Magnet are from basic operator error. Read the manual....

Water can drip from the plume tube during operation, H2O is a byproduct of converting propane to CO2.

When moving the machine, disconnect the gas bottle and allow the machine to cool for 45 minutes before moving.

Gas leak tests can be carried out on regulators by carrying out the following instructions:

Warning: To perform gas leak test the machine must be switched OFF and disconnected from mains and battery:

  1. Make a solution of washing up liquid and water (foam mixture) and soak up with a sponge.
  2. Apply all around the regulator if bubbles grow around areas of the regulator then a gas leak is present and regulator will require tightened.
  3. If a gas leak is detected turn off gas immediately.
  4. Repeat process until leak is repaired


In appearance all of the Mosquito Magnet regulators look exactly the same between models for each region - this is not the case!

All regulators are calibrated to each machine’s specification and therefore cannot be swapped over without invalidating the warranty. T the Grey Tank Adaptors (Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Norway etc) that are fitted to the regulator can be replaced without affecting the warranty.

All regulators use an O ring to form a gas tight seal between the regulator and gas tank. Please double check that this is present and in good condition with customers.

All machines sold in the UK and Europe do not require the Gas re-set tool (USA only) mentioned In the manual.

Machines supplied from the USA have a permanently attached regulator, this regulator will not fit any UK supplied propane gas bottle and there are no adaptors. Cutting off the regulator and attaching a UK regulator will cause damage to the unit and the machine will not attract insects. USA supplied machines require modification to operate in Europe.

All regulators use an O ring to form a gas tight seal between the regulator and gas tank. Please double check that this is present and in good condition with customers. Renew if perished.

All the machines' gas hoses should be periodically inspected for damage. If a faulty hose is detected the machine must be returned for repair.

Further Information
For further information either....

For Placement Issues please follow link to interactive trap




Specific Machine Troubleshooting

Corded Traps

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Corded Traps

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