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Based in Callander, Scotland - Midge Tech Ltd is a genuine family business that has been in the Mosquito Magnet business for just over 18 years. Ewen has been involved in this business since the first machines arrived in the UK and has spent time in America developing the Mosquito Magnet product range. Ewen has also set up new dealerships worldwide and established new International Warranty service centres on behalf of the manufacturers – so we really do know what we are talking about.

Why buy from Midge Tech

  • 18 years of experience in not only selling but servicing/warranty for the Mosquito Magnet product range for UK
  • We are not your typical “up sell “company – we only believe in making you fully aware of each products capabilities and advise accordingly – we want the Mosquito Magnet to work for you!
  • Midge Tech are instrumental in the continuous development of the range for the UK and other world marketsMidge Tech are the Authorised Warranty and Service Centre in the UK
  • Midge Tech specialise in advising the client of the correct machine for their application
  • Midge Tech provide Mosquito Magnets, Tabard (insect repellent) and Midge Protective Clothing
  • We will guide you through correct placement of machine to achieve best yield
  • We love watching people scratch when we talk about midge and mosquito


Accept no substitute  : The Original and the best !

Over 20 years of research and more than 15 patents that make our midge traps technologically revolutionary.    

Create your Midge Free zone by using a Mosquito Magnet Machine  which are commonly referred to as Midge Magnet, Midge Machine, Midge Monster, Midgeater, Midgit, Midg-e, Midgebusters, Texol, and Midge Terminator.

Warning: Our Mosquito Magnets are Not garden ornaments like other competitors. The Mosquito Magnet Range is the only serious scientifically proven long term midge/mosquito control solution in the marketplace. 

Latest News Spring 2019

Midge Tech are pleased to announce the launch of the new product from Mosquito Magnet : Pioneer 

Mosquito Magnet have the most comprehensive range of traps available in the UK market place.

Our Models at present are:

  1. Pioneer  (1 acre - with 50' power cord)   
  2. Independence (1 acre  - unit  generates own power on board)
  3. Executive  (1 acre - as above with smart technology and XL net)

We want to talk to you regarding your requirements. Simply call us on 01877 330083 or purchase online and we will contact you  - Log on to Our E-newsletter and get some great tips and discounts. 

Happy Catching to all our customers for 2019!! 

Introduction to Mosquito Magnet Technology.

The Mosquito Magnet anti midge machine is the original world leading proven solution for the control of all blood meal biting insects known as vectors, including midges, mosquitoes and sand flies. Use also as a blue tongue deterrent.

The traps convert bottled propane gas into CO2 via a precise catalytic process with exactly the right heat and moisture content. Biting insects, which happen to be female only, are attracted to the machine where they are vacuumed into a net through the Mosquito Magnets patented unique counterflow technology.

A mosquito magnet will outperform any other competitors machine, such as Texol Calor Midget, the Midgeeater Max and Europa Flowtron Power Plus Trap by at least 300% according to independent tests

Mosquito Magnet Facts

  • Our Machines have been designed specifically to trap insects
  • Competitors units primarily designed to increase gas sales through network 
  • Over 20 years of experience  
  • We have a unit that will suit your requirements 
  • 360° Customer Support ! Convenient, helpfull and dedicated support that only Mosquito Magnet provides
  • "Simply the Best" Midge Machine in the UK Market. 

 Call us now for a friendly chat - 01877 330083

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