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How many midges can I expect to capture?

The quantity of midges caught varies greatly, depending on your region's infestation level and how it is placed on your property. In tests in Scotland as many as 2.5 million were captured in one night with one machine. In more urban areas, catch results may be much less. A good yardstick is "Am I being bitten?"

How soon will I see a difference?

The Mosquito Magnet will begin trapping female midges immediately if placed properly in your garden. You should begin to see a difference within a few weeks. Within 4-6 weeks the midge breeding cycle will be interrupted, drastically reducing the population in your garden. Noticeable results have been observed in as little as 5 days!

Is it possible to dramatically reduce the biting insect population in an area?

Yes. 90% of the midges biting you live within 100 metres of where you are. The other 10% are brought in passively by the wind. It becomes increasingly difficult for them to detect your carbon dioxide beyond 100 metres. As the females are trapped, the generations are eliminated, thereby interrupting the breeding cycle in that area. This usually occurs after 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use.

Is the Mosquito Magnet quiet?

Yes. The only moving part is the internal fan, which has the same sound level as a standard desktop computer fan.

Will the trap capture bees, moths, butterflies, ladybirds or other beneficial insects?

No. Blood seeking insects have receptors in their maxillary palps (mouth parts) that sense carbon dioxide. Non-blood seeking insects, without these receptors, are not attracted.

Where should I place the trap?

We recommend that you place the Mosquito Magnet where the midges rest (foliage) and breed (water), not near people. It is best to place the trap 30 feet from the area you want cleared. If placed properly, the MidgeMaster will draw the midges to it and away from you. It is strongly recommended that you do not place machines directly in bushes or hedges. You do not want to obstruct the flow of the plume! Likewise buildings, thick hedges and similar objects act as a barrier. This must be factored into your placement. Experiment with the interactive trap placement guide.

What maintenance is necessary to keep the Mosquito Magnet running effectively?

A 11Kg propane tank and the octenol cartridge should be replaced every 21 days: the sytems all use just under 0.5 kg of gas per day. This equates to an operational cost of around £20 / month. (We recommend not allowing the tank to empty fully as gas impurities and the pressure drop can affect the performance of the machine). The net should be emptied regularly, before it is half full.

What attracts mosquitoes and other biting insects to us?

Our breathing! The combination of carbon dioxide (CO2), moisture, and heat that results from exhaling attracts the female mosquitoes.

What is octenol?

Octenol (1-octen-3-ol) is a naturally occurring by-product that comes from plants and some animals, such as cows, that ingest large amounts of vegetable matter. It is irresistible to midges who can detect minute fluctuations of CO2 and Octenol in their environment from 100 yards away.

Who makes the Mosquito Magnet?

American Biophysics Corporation in consultation for a decade with the US Dept. of Agriculture and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention developed the Mosquito Magnet as an effective, consumer-friendly biting insect trap. Midge Tech Ltd is the SOLE and EXCLUSIVE importer and distributor in the UK and Ireland of Mosquito Magnet machines.