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Essential Maintenance

Keep your machine in top working order

Regular maintenance of your Mosquito Magnet® trap is vital to continued mosquito control. We suggest the following maintenance schedule:

Replace Octenol Cartridge Every 21 Days:

The Octenol attractant is formulated to last 21 days. After that time, the attractant loses potency and the traps will not be as effective in capturing biting insects. Click here for instructions on how to replace the Octenol cartridge in Defender and Liberty Plus Models.

Refill or Replace Propane Tank Every 21 Days:

On average, you will almost use a full tank of propane within 21 days. It is critical to make sure your propane tank is full. An empty tank will adversely affect the vacuum mechanism, and will drain the battery on the Liberty Plus and Pro models.

CO2 Purge:

We recommend that you purge the unit with a CO2 Charge during each change or refill of propane tank.

Clean or Replace Net:

Start each season with a new net and clean as needed. Nets that are clogged with dead mosquitoes or spiders will have an adverse effect on the vacuum. Once the insect population has diminished, you will notice that you'll have to empty the net less frequently.