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Service and Repair Midge Machines / Mosquito Magnets

With over 18 years of unparalleled Knowledge, Service and Warranty provision you need look no further than Midge Tech. Midge Tech are the UK Certified Mosquito Magnet® Service Centre. Our service team is unmatched. Our technicians are standing by to fix your Mosquito Magnet! Most Mosquito Magnet repair options come with a full 12-month warranty!

At Midge Tech we offer the following repair Options these being:

  1. Warranty Repair.
  2. For all Mosquito Magnets. Please note - we require a RGA (Return Goods Authorisation) number for this. a RGA will be required from the supplier you purchased the machine from. We cannot authorise any Warranty repair without this number.
  3. Standard Repair.
  4. For all Mosquito Magnet machines. Charges are £40ph +vat. Parts and shipping are additional. Typical repairs are 2 hrs. All engines are fully stripped down and cleaned. All components are checked for function and replaced if necessary. All Machines are then bench tested for function.
  5. Technical Consultation for your Mosquito Magnet
  6. We offer a telephone consultation for any problems encountered by your Mosquito Magnet. Calls can be by Telephone, facetime or what's app. Consultations are in either 1/2 hour or 1 hour slots. These must be booked in and mutually agreed for suitable time. The purchase option is available in Accessories and spares section of our website. Costs are £25 for 1/2 hour and £40 for 1 hour.
  7. Exchange Head Program.
  8. Exchange your current head of machine and we will send you a replacement head. Please contact us directly to discuss
  • Servicing of your Mosquito Magnet
  • As above however, the complete machine including all plastics is stripped down and cleaned. Service Costs are £50ph +vat. Parts and Courier costs are additional Get your machine serviced before the midge season approaches and avoid any unnecessary delays.

    Our Service Here at Midge Tech, we provide fully Certified repairs to your Mosquito Magnet. Simply ship your non-working Mosquito Magnet to us and we will quickly repair and return your machine to you.

    When Shipping your trap in for Exchange or Repair Only ship the powerhead, remove from the stand/base. DO NOT ship any part of the stand unless you intend to Trade It In on a new current model. If your concerned that there may be an issue with the power source/battery/transformer/charger please include and we will test prior to returning and notify you with any issue. Any stand/base items shipped in with your trap will be returned however it may incur additional shipping fees.

    Please also include full contact details these being: name, address, telephone numbers (landline and mobile), email address and a brief description of the fault/service required. Last but not least - pack the power head of the machine well to avoid any damage by couriers. It does cost a little extra but it may be a good idea to insure the good in transit. Note - take a number of photos for your records of machines current condition. Also, take various photos of packaging.

    Please do not send machine in to us without completing form.

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